Friday, February 8, 2013

Penny University

After Mad Nest, we went back to Penny University for coffee and desserts.

Photos are a little dark for this entry! :(

Anyway, very little words. I don't really remember much except that I was very comfortable on the sofa. We stayed till closing time.

"Penny University is a term originating from the 18th-century coffeehouses in London, England. Instead of paying for drinks, people were charged a penny to enter a coffeehouse. Once inside, the patron had access to coffee, the company of others, various discussions, pamphlets, bulletins, newspapers, and the latest news and gossip."

Of course, we weren't only charged a penny here lah. I went to do a rough currency convert and if I didn't count wrongly, 1 penny is 2 cents in Singapore dollars. We spent approximately $18. A far cry from 2 cents. Haha.

It was a quiet and cold night... So it felt especially cozy to be sitting beside my bf and drinking coffee ^_^

I think my cup of latte was good. Bf got himself a pot of hot tea. I loved the Meringue!! It's so so so yums and it melts in the mouth! I didn't really like the cake though, but the crust was nice!

Penny University
402 East Coast Road ,
Singapore 428997

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  1. The history is really cool. Too bad that wasn't the actual price. My Blog