Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Guan Chee Fish Head Steamboat

Quick update today!

It was another family day out quite some time back! We went to Parkway Parade for shopping and it was a good day with good food!

For lunch we went to the hawker centre nearby and had a bowl of yummy lor mee. We sat right infront of the owner's shop and the owner was very chatty! We also ordered his handmade fishball soup after that too. Another stall nearby was selling popiah and it's so good! I'm not a fan of popiah usually but that one was a definite thumbs up. There were crunchy bits in it and the roll was wrapped tight.

Anyway, today I want to blog about a place that serves awesome fish steamboat!!! We settled at Guan Chee Fish Head Steamboat for dinner. It is actually a little corner beside the food court. Surprisingly, the food was so good! Not sure if it is really so nice all the time or  just that day, but I was so impressed.

I have ate fish head steamboat elsewhere before but it's all so diluted. The one here was very fragrant and thick! We got the Garoupa steamboat at $40 for medium size. The big chunks of fish was fresh and very nice! I felt it was quite pricey though. If fish soup at hawker/food court taste so good, I'd have it every other day.

We also had the pork rib which was tender and yummy, a plate of good sambal kangkong and my favorite prawn paste chicken which I would definitely order at any zi-char stall if I can.

Outfit is a two-piece set (overlay + floral dress) from www.mamatiam.com at $13. I have already rewore the cotton floral dress underneath on other days many times already! ^_^

Floral hairband is from from www.coccomomo.com! I think it completes the whole outfit!


  1. Unfortunately, the Guan Chee Fish Head Steamboat comes with a lot of MSG otherwise it will be good as you commented. If only they have one without MSG or allow customers to choose one without MSG!

  2. Ya, after consuming the steamboat we felt very thirsty. MSG too much.