Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mad Nest

Remember the dinner date I mentioned in the outfit entry previously?

We were planning to have dinner at a little cafe but the kitchen had closed so we settled for Mad Nest, that was along the same street. It is a fairly new restaurant, opened only in the third-quarter of 2012.

I was attracted by the interior. It was white, spacious and very modern.

There was an art exhibition going on too.

Various types of cuisine are available at this restaurant! I went for Japanese and had the ramen and chawanmushi. The ramen is not bad, but you can give the chawanmushi a miss.

I liked the salmon skin maki quite a lot! The crunchiness and taste of the deep fried salmon skin was good.

I liked Bf's pasta, which had some local, spicy twist to it.

Mad Nest
378/380 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428986

Tel: 6348 6861


After dinner, we went back to the cafe that we initially wanted to dine at and had some coffee and desserts. Blog about it in the next entry! :)

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