Sunday, February 10, 2013

Benefit Feelin' Dandy & Tokidoki Eyeshadow Palette

I had some time the other day so I experimented with two new palettes I received as Christmas gifts!

1. Benefit Feelin' Dandy - Lip & Cheek Kit

It was a gift from Bryan, Bugis Essensuals. I loved the packaging!! Everything looks so pleasant and pretty.

I'm actually a very basic makeup user. I don't really know the actual makeup techniques, the different brushes to use for different areas and those extra stuff like primer/bronzer/highlight etc. My makeup usually comprises of black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, blusher, lip balm and lip stick. It's as simple as it gets. So of course, I had to refer to the Tips And Tricks booklet to use the following products.

Posie Tint is a pink color to be used as blusher and a little on the lips.
High Beam is to highlight the cheekbones.
Then there's a light pink blusher, and a pink lip gloss.

I want to exclaim that I love this lip and cheek kit. 1st, the posie tint color is very lovely and it doesn't go away even after a whole day out, including 2 hours of crying in the cinema. I just need to learn how to apply it more evenly, as I'm not very used to using liquid based blusher. 2nd, the High Beam gave my face a dewy-like complexion, but I have to learn how to use it better too. 3rd, the lip gloss, is one of the best I have used. I really dislike lip gloss in liquid form usually (I prefer using gloss lip stick), but this one was not sticky at all. Also, it stays on the lips and the gloss looked very even and shiny and nice too! I will use this kit more often!

2. Tokidoki Eyeshadow Palette

I was so so so happy when I received this eyeshadow palette from Nadia. She asked me to try more colors for eyeshadow instead of only black! Haha. I recently saw some videos on Youtube of girls putting on proper eyeshadow, I realize that colors and proper application do make a difference.

Check out the cute metal box!

There were magnets inside for us to paste on the cover! Had so much fun hahaha.

And the insides are equally cute!

I attempted to do a swatch of the colors but I don't think I captured the beauty of the colors good enough. The colors were very vivid and dense. Not powdery at all! Love it! So excited to try out the different colors!

There was also an eyeliner inside, but it's blue so I didn't try it yet. It was smooth when I drew on my hands though.

Here's the final look from using the two products above!

I used "Tulipano" and "Nancy Rocks" from the eyeshadow palette. I also tried "Ciotolina" the other day! Also used the products from Benefit Feelin' Dandy for the face. I really liked the end result! :)

(Eyelashes are extremely important in 'opening' up your eyes too! I got mine from


  1. I think that I'm a very basic makeup user too. I envy the people who know what they're doing My Blog

  2. I quite like Tokidoki Eyeshadow Palette :) and i think you look good in trying new colors!

  3. The magnets are such a cute feature My Blog