Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poteato & Tiong Bahru Bakery

Met up with the boys some weeks back for dinner!

We decided to see if there's anything nice around Tiong Bahru area since the place is clustered with many little cafes.

So anyway, drama of the day was that my heels broke within 5 minutes after getting off the cab -_- We mistakenly dropped off somewhere without any cafes nor shops, and it was impossible for me to walk anywhere with the broken heels! Then one of the residents happened to be leaving the house so both of them  went across to ask the man if he had any superglue or rubber band. Haha. The man went back to his house and came out with shoe glue, rubber band and a huge stapler. Thanks uncle! Then the both of them glued the shoe while I was stranded opposite. Lucky got both of them if not I might really have to walk around the estate barefooted! Anyway, we walked a distance and the shoe broke apart again. Luckily this time we were near the market and I got myself a pair of $4.90 slippers that looked like they were meant for guys.

All this happened on a crazy rainy day.

Outfit photo. Blue chiffon blouse from The blue one is sold out already though, but there's a pink one! Quote 'Estxie5' for 5% off in addition to 10% if you sign up for mailing list.

We settled for PoTeaTo. Judging from the name, you know that their two specialties are potato and tea.

Ben is so into tea recently. Every time also order tea!

Both of them had hot tea but I got myself a cold drink. Loved their ice lemon tea! Very refreshing and tastes good!

We decided to share all the dishes. The roasted chicken was one of their star items so we gave it a try. It came on top of sweet potato mash I think.

Fish and chips. Fish was freshly battered, but the taste was a bit too bland. But hey, it comes with potato fries and sweet potato fries. Good!

Bangers and Mash. I quite like the spicy and pork one.

The fries were very good!!! Strongly recommended! It was still piping hot when served, and the fries was crispy and sprinkled with yummy spice!

Photo above is from Ben's camera. Photo below is from my camera. My color is so yellowish!

Afterwards we headed to Tiong Bahru Bakery. Was my first time there despite all the hype so although I was already full, I ordered a croissant and cappuccino. The croissant was huge!

Totally craving for the fries now.


  1. I'm sorry about your shoe. That would have been terrible. Lucky someone was able to help.


  2. The heart of the cappuccino is adorable - Hanna

  3. are you working at trivex building??