Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CNY 2013

I colored my bright pink streaks into a tamer purple just for CNY. Was so sad because the pink streaks were still very vivid even though I shampooed my hair every single day! The purple has since faded into a mix between brown and pink, which I like very much!

A few weeks before CNY I went to shop for new clothes! It has been so long since I really went apparel shopping, because I have been wearing threads by my lovely sponsors for the longest time. Last year I wore sponsored clothing but this year I decided to get some on my own! Very happy with my buys but the sad thing is we were so busy that I didn't really have any time to take proper outfit shots.

The celebrations this year was relatively different from last year, but very fulfilling! Anyway, this CNY kept raining and raining and raining!

On Chu Xi (Lunar Eve) morning, I headed out to get Yusheng for the night. Bf came to accompany me and help me carry stuff hehe.

Wore new clothes already! Haha. Studded top and ripped shorts.

Check out my baby cousin's expression while we were tossing the Yusheng. Hilarious! He must be shocked why we all suddenly throw up the noodle-like stuff!

My maternal grandparents and the entire family from mum's side came over to our house to have reunion dinner. Every single member gathered together so it was perfect! Love steamboat feasts! We had to extend our normal dining table with another impromptu table to fit everyone.


One thing I love about CNY is the yummy delicacies for every meal!

On Chu Yi, went to visit relatives! We first headed to my aunt's place (east) for lunch before heading to the other end of the island (west) to visit my maternal great grandmother and grandaunt. In the evening, we went to Bugis (east) to visit my paternal grand uncle and grand aunt. Afterwards, we traveled again to have dinner at my maternal grandparents house (west). Chu-Yi is usually the busiest but this year we have Candy Crush to accompany us during the travelling journey.

Love my outfit for the day. Didn't manage to get a good photo though. Will wear this out again! The pair of grey heels are from


On Chu Er, I headed over to another CNY celebration with Bf's family and relatives. His dad hired a dragon dance team that did their thing for quite long (from indoor to outdoor to indoor again) and it all ended with 4 Chinese characters 金蛇显宝 "Golden Snake Show Treasure" (anyhow translate one)!

Afterwards, I came home to relatives from paternal side. Afterwards, we all had a big "family" photo with our granduncle and grandaunt. And then we proceeded to take group photos like "all ladies", "all aunties" and "all uncles". Had a fun time! ^_^

After the relatives left, my family had a mini karaoke session at home. Haha. So fun!

Another aunt and uncle from my mum's side came over for dinner. They haven't seen me for quite a few years already and my aunt's first words to me when she came into our house was "You are....?" with shocked big eyes. Hahaha!

Bf came over to Bai Nian and mum cooked up yummy food again! The fish was awesome~ CNY is like the only time mum would steam fish regularly. I love steam fish so much.

Photo with bf ^_^

Love my dress! As it is still CNY period, I tried to brighten up the black dress with light colored accessories and bag. I love the pattern on the dress which can pass off as oriental! It just so happens that my new pair of earrings fit the pattern so nicely.

We went to watch "Ah Boys To Men 2". Loved the movie! I like both part 1 and part 2. Would love to get both DVDs to re-watch again next time!

CNY nails done at Millys! :) Love the red gradient and glittery effect.

After the movie, we headed to a family friend's house for dinner.

We flipped through some old albums and saw so many "posey" photos my dad took with the other uncles when they were young. It so amazing that most of the clique are still friends at this age and still have gatherings with each others' families now and then.

One of the photos:

Played blackjack with some of them. Luck was quite flat throughout but won in the last two games. Final earnings: $6. Better than losing lah! Haha.

The next day (Lunar Day 4) was already start of work for me, but my parents had the entire week off! So shiok! CNY was still ongoing and we headed to another relative house for visiting after work! Only 1 photo taken using the phone for that day! With Sis ^_^

Okay, finally I finish writing this long entry! ^_^

I have been so busy this week! Lots of blogging backlogs to clear. Well, it's a good thing! Better than nothing to do, nothing to blog! Haha.


  1. The black dress is super pretty. - Hanna

  2. Where did you get your oriental looking earrings from? So chio!