Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CNY Preparations!

Last night mum was shopping for Cny decorations and my sis took this pot to tease my dad.

Sis: Can you see the beautiful flower?
Dad: *looks closely*
Sis: Only clever people can see the flower.


After that, I took this pot of flower and showed it to my dad.

Me: Can you see the beautiful flower?
Dad: Yes!
Me: Only stupid people can see the flower.

Hahahaha. We all had a good laugh over it. You will understand if you read the storybook "The Emperor's New Clothes" before. Haha.

- - - - -

I'm so excited about the upcoming CNY! ^_^ Looking forward to eating lots and lots of bakkwa and pineapple tarts!

I also look forward to wearing my new clothes - 4 sets of clothes for Chu Xi to Chu San! I mentioned on twitter last week that one of my new year dresses dictates that I have to cut down some fats before CNY comes but after a week of half-hearted dieting, I think I won't succeed already. So, I have decided to forgo that dress and get something else! Haha, so much for determination. Abit sad because that dress is very pretty and the thought of having to squeeze out one day this week to jostle with the rest of the last-minute crowd at the malls again makes me a little sian. I'm sure a lot of you are feeling the same way too!

It's only a few more days before CNY start though. If you were too busy to shop before today and think that online shopping might be too late, you are wrong! Here are two sites where you can do CNY shopping!


Some dresses suitable for CNY, in various colors!

Meet-ups available for this period so you will be able to get your clothes in time for CNY and Valentine's Day! Following are the details:

Meet-up location: Serangoon MRT station/ NEX shopping mall

Meet-up dates and times:
Tues (5/2/2013) at 7-8.30pm OR
Thurs (7/2/2013) at 7-9pm OR
Sat (9/2/2013) at 2-3.30pm.

Free postage for customers who sign up for the mailing list!


A special promotion only for my readers, from now till 7th Feb!
Purchase 2 items to get $8 off, Purchase 4 items and get $18 off! Such an attractive discount!

To entitle yourself to this exclusive promo,
remember to like the facebook page: (
and quote "ESTXIECNY" upon checkout for the discount!

All local orders placed before 7th Feb will arrive at your doorstep before 9th Feb!
**Not applicable for those opting for registered postage
**Mailing list discount not applicable for this promotion


- - - - -

If you have not settled your hair and nails, you can get them done at Bugis Essensuals and Millys.

Hair: Bugis Essensuals (Bugis Street above burger king) 6333-0039
Nails: Millys (Far East Plaza #03-131) 67376723 / (Bugis Street Level 2) 63384137

By the way, I saw this vegetable at the supermarket yesterday. What is this?! Never saw such thing before!!

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