Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More on CNY 2013

Here are some random left over photos from different days related to CNY!

Chinese New Year Goodies At Chinatown

A week before Chinese New Year, me and bf headed down to Chinatown to get some goodies for our families. We were stopped by this particular 'guodong' stall and it tasted so good!

Wore this blue top from www.lyraminn.com
Breezy wear for a hot day at Chinatown!

Chinese New Year Clothes Shopping at Bugis

Spent a day at Bugis Streets with my family to get new clothes for the new year. Wore this comfy and simple outfit! Shorts are from EARTHDOLL [Bukit Panjang Plaza, #03-21], Top from Missqueenie.com and necklace courtesy of Rarebits

Nuffnang CNY Reunion Dinner

We had a Nuffnang CNY Reunion Dinner with Boss Ming and some Nuffies.

Boss Ming brought us to this restaurant that serves awesome Peking Duck and Roasted Chicken. It was so yums! I also particularly liked the fish, which was fresh and good. Would love to come here again with friends another day!

CNY at Clara's House

Thanks Clara, for hosting us! Was a good game of Blackjack, though me and bf lost :( Bf had terrible luck at the start so I sacrificed and exchanged seats with him so that he got a better 'fengshui'. End up his luck became slightly better while mine when down the hills. Haha. Heard even after we left, the banker was still going strong.

CNY at Bf's House

Bf invited his friends over for steamboat and I joined too!

Outfit from EARTHDOLL [Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21] I really like this simple floral dress! The colors are so pretty! ^_^ Fits right into his garden! Haha.

All these 4 dishes are deep fried by yours truly. So proud of my first attempt at deep frying food!

Played Blackjack with his friends after dinner and I LOST MONEY AGAIN. But it's okay because I had fun! ^_^

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