Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Both me and my boyfriend are fond of visiting cafes and having a nice quiet time over breakfast/lunch. I realize that we talk a lot when he is driving (if I'm not tired) but over meals we tend to be silently enjoying our own food. It's especially relaxing sometimes when we patron empty cafes and just sit by each other enjoying the moment, feeling carefree and happy. That's a total difference from my usual pattern when dining with friends and family because I talk the most during meal time. Haha.

So anyway, we all heard of Chye Seng Huat Hardware, a cafe with a disguised shopfront right?

I knew that the entrance is through a side door, but I never imagined it to be like this "construction gate".

And inside was bigger than I expected. And better furnished than I thought it would be.

With the loud music, the place felt very hip and cool and it was totally different from what it looked like from the outside. It's like the owners overspent their budget on the interior renovation before realizing that they ran out of funds for the storefront so they left it as it is, keeping the construction gate intact. Haha.

They sell some coffee-related equipment too.

Here's what we ordered. I figured that coffee is the definite choice in a cafe like this so I got myself the daily brew. I was a little disappointed due to my expectations though. I didn't like bf's drink, which was this lemony thing too. BUT THE ORANGE CHIFFON CAKE WAS AWESOME. I don't remember what's the exact name for the cake but it was a CNY special, and the texture was so good, it was so soft and yums!

We ordered chicken patty and a fish main. The chicken patty was unique yet very delicious, tasting exactly  how I like it to be. The meat wasn't tough too. I recommend it for sharing though, 6 pieces of the same strongly-flavored meat isn't going to be so nice after the 4th piece. Haha.

The fish though, I would order two servings for myself if I can. The fish didn't have the frozen or fishy-taste and so good with the sauce that came with it. My only complain is that the portion for a plate is too little.

After leaving the cafe, I saw several hardware stores around the area and jokingly told bf that maybe a cafe lies behind each of those stores... So... where's the side door?

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