Friday, April 4, 2008

I broke my chanel perfume!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who can recommend long lasting perfumes with a nice smell?

Boss came up to me the other day and told me something along the lines of:
" esther, i heard that ***** have a fiancee. It's wrong to snatch other people's boyfriend you know?"


***** and me are just friends at the workplace.

I dont even sms him much out of workplace.
It's just that we got along fine, and have fun with each other.

We go home together at night, he always helps me with my tasks, sometimes he throws in a sweettalk, and once in awhile he calls me "those names that you call your girlfriend".

Everyone can see he's just kidding what.

But the colleagues love making fun of us (although they know we're not together), and ***** would always play along with them.

One or two suspected we are really together but hey, he's still wearing his engagement ring and im still wearing boyfriend's ring everyday.

Kinda surprised when boss talked to me about it that day and i didn't know what to react.


Wanted to rant more, but ....
nevermind, I changed my mind.

2 pictures from a group shoot afew months ago.

Have lots of things that i havent done, including advertorials and photos and entries to blog about. But it seems that i dont have much time nowsaday, occupied with work, hanging out, and some other stuffs.

Maybe i'll have more time online after i start school, which is next week.

bye for now. I think my mind needs a rest.

This few days i've been confronted by the

and it's driving me nuts.

The worst thing is, i cant say anything about it.

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