Thursday, April 3, 2008

Night out with Fidelis!

Asked her out suddenly and she was so sweet to cab down to orchard just to accompany me! We walked from wisma to taka to paragon to find nice food to eat. We wanted to relax and have a slow dinner.

Complained about how our boyfriends eat so fast and make the dinner unenjoyable. We should enjoy our meals slowly and taste every bit!

Can't decide on chinese, western or japanese food.

Settled down at Akashi Japanese Restaurant in the end.

I really like the interior design. We sat at a corner so that it's more private and we can camwhore as much as we want :)

Our face were like this looking at the menu for at least 15 minutes! Couldn't decide what we should eat.. There were so many choices!

Our tea.In the end we ordered so much food!
Chawanmushi, gyoza, her set meal and my teriyaki set meal.

The tables around us had so little food on their table that we felt like gluttons.

I wonder where i can buy push up bras. It's so ugly to wear this type of dresses and have no "drain" :( Yes, it's pathetic. Im flat!

After eating for more than an hour, we camwhored!

Lookk at fidelis' "drain". *envies!*

With flash.
Bill was almost $60.
But worth every cent :)

We ate everything except bits of vegetables and fidelis' unbitable fish.

After that we hung out at the toilet for almost 30mins =x

We found out that we are lightweighted thin girls, because we could BOTH sit on that shelf that is only supported by 4 metal thingy.


Played with our twins.

There were many more but i dont know where the pictures went and im lazy to look for them. Hahaha.

After that, we went around playing this:

taking photos with branded bags. BO LIAO Right!

We found a runway upstairs and guess what we did?

We hesitated for a long time and then finally picked up the courage to sneek into the enclosed area. Luckily we weren't chased out by the security guards. Phew.

Crazy and embarassing! There were passerbys and construction workers who looked at us like we are some xiaomeimei fooling around. Had lots of fun and laughed alot.

hey babe, go out again soon alright?! This time we shall go and attack the other restaurants and shopping malls!

For more nightspots, go to !

Oh ya, and a photo with amy:

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