Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Im missing my boyfriend so much :(


Firstly, pictures.
Agri was supposed to come with me to this event but she overslept! Hahaha. So typical of her to do that. I knew that would happen so i brought a standby, my boyfriend! Hee.

Met up with isaac and grace over there.
Saw Jessica and we got so excited over not seeing each other for centuries.

Didnt take much pictures cos i was feeling lazy. Got all this pictures from the other bloggers present.

Firstly, we had a group shoot!

I was looking somewhere else.
Got into the little hut.And watched this little short film, August 29.
You can view the trailers at many blogger's site.
Photo exhibition.

A picture with the actors! Look at the one in green. He's SUPER CUTE in real life~!! He's that mcdonald's delivery advertisement guy. Hee.

Had a forum talk with the bloggers after the exhibition. Games, Lots of discussion and interesting things that i learnt.

And then, the much awaited food :D

With the other bloggers.
Me, cutie grace, isaac and benjamin~

I think you know everyone in this picture.

I think this girl was so brave. She went up to me and told me she's a reader of my blog, blahblahblah. I could never walk up to bloggers that i dont know and start talking to them like friends!

The event has taught me some things and has provoke a little sense of compassion in me. I had never thought much about aids patients, but during the event, i realised afew things.

Even though i was all jokes and chatters with winnie at the event, that doesn't mean im not taking it seriously. I guess im just not the kind that could speak out at such a large room with so many eyes. Like her, we speak terrible english. The only english we can talk is short sentences. Asking me to say my views in long sentences is gonna kill me. Haha.

What do you do if you realised that the classmate sitting next to you is HIV+? Your neighbour? Your bestfriend? Or your loved one *touchwood*?

I guess many of us would avoid them eventually, be it delibrate or not. A part of our brain would do that.

And our actions, sometimes hurt them. They are more sensitive towards it, and feel bad. Shouldnt we be caring about them more than shoo-ing them? I think everyone of us would have some sense of compassion in us.

Yes, we are afraid, since it's a highly contagious disease. But it's not transmitable by air, touch and water. We dont have to stand 3 metres away from them. Sometimes, a little care would make them feel better.

It seems that the mass would always sterotype HIV+ patients as people who go around having sex with everyone. But have you ever thought that some of them are innocent? Maybe their parents passed the disease when giving birth to them, some caught it from their one and only partner, some caught it due to irresponsible tattooists, etc.

I've written so much, i think all of you knows what's the message i want to bring across. Treat them as normal. That little action would make them feel so much better.

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