Saturday, April 5, 2008


Bought my new perfume :)

Miss Dior Cherie.
I know it's not a new fragrance, but well, as long as it's nice!

Boyfriend is going to kill me after he knows that i spent a bomb =x

Tried other brands like burberry, chanel, chloe, but went back to Dior. Burberry's one was kinda special at first but after afew hours the smell is horrible. I dont have any particular liking for chanel's coco although everyone seems to like it. Chloe smelled nice from the counter but when we sprayed on to our hands, i dont smell anything. Dior has a new fragrance called midnight poison but i felt it smelled like medication oil. LOL.

i like the Dior's pink bottle one, i forgot the name, but it's Eau de Toilette and not parfum. i was told that parfum last long but toilette dont. Parfum is also more expensive :(

Hope i dont carelessly drop it again! I'll be super heart pain. Haha.

In my attempt to eat healthy, i ate a salad for the first time in my life! I dont mean those kind of mayonnaise salad (that's fatty), i mean those kind of raw vegetables with raw fruits kind.

I ordered the salad, and in the end i dont know how to eat most of the thing inside. I only ate the lettuce i think. Heh. I dont understand how people can eat raw tomatoes. It tastes horrible!

Delifrance has this teatime treat, a small portion of bites. I like the French quiche lorraines , especially when it's piping hot.



I dont know where i heard this name from, but it sounds familar. They sent me 2 clothing which i adore. A white casual tube, which spells SWEET.

Then, a very normal piece of dress, but with a sparkle of silver. I love how the fabric is so shiny, yet not too striking.

In the package they sent me, there were also a number of nicely decorated namecards. Wow, they must be really serious about their business. I think the people behind THE BLACK SEQUIN are nice people, so have a nice shopping with them!



It has been a LONG LONG time since i saw beatiful homemade jewellery. Most of the time i see peopel piecing together beads and wires together without skill and without any sense of beauty and art. But lov3accessories did it!

- every item at lov3accessories is handmade out of love, suited for different kinds of styles
- the owner is open to all sorts of customisation requests, if you can dream it, she'll try her best to make it come true.
- prices are all $20 and below, so that everyone can own unique accessories at affordable prices
- most importantly, lov3accessories is more of a service than a business. The owner hopes that every customer that comes into her shop can find something that they love. =)

I've got these 2 pretty pieces from her.

A great unique present for a friend :)

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