Monday, April 7, 2008

This aunty was strolling in front of me with her two slow walking kids in front of her on a narrow lane.

I said "excuse me" POLITELY.

And i was shocked by the reply i received.

She said in a rude tone: Why dont you just walk over there! *and she rolled her eyes*
The "over there" that she was pointing to was the grass beside the lane.

I was pissed off by the rude reply because i had been polite!

Why dont you walk on the grass yourself??? Im wearing heels, and if i walk on grass i'll sink into the mud. If i were wearing slippers like you i would have just walked on that patch of grass without having to ask you to let me pass on the lane. You and your two kids are walking like snails on a narrow lane without thinking of the people behind you who are also using that lane, and yet you act like you own the lane? Wake up, that lane belongs to 1000s of the residents living around there.

I wonder how some people be so rude even when people asked them politely. She's showing a bad example to her two young kids too!

Alright, maybe im just pissed off walking around tampines mall with painful feets and spending so much within afew minutes. Fiona was looking for a particular thingy, and i was like spending in every single shop that she walked into.

I can no longer support my cab taking habit :(
I was lazy recently and kept taking cab to work, giving excuses like "aiya, on-call charge is only $2.50..." ... "if i call taxi then i dont have to leave home so early... can laze around more, got more time to makeup no need to rush"...


I shall end this post abruptly because i suddenly feel lazy to upload pics. Heh =p

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