Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cabfare was $58++ yesterday morning because taxi driver thought that i said Republic Plaza instead of Republic Poly. Pfffftt!

that's okay since im not in a rush to study in school, but what's worse is that he blames it on me!

He said that i should have known and told him he's going the wrong way. I dont look out of the windows when i take cabs and i dont know the way, so of course i wouldn't know that he's going the wrong way! What if im a tourist? I wont know where it is right?

Nevermind -.-

Boyfriend bought a digital camera for me!
Canon Ixus 80 IS.

I like the camera and have no problems with it except that it's so clear that my face looks bad in all the photos :(

I think our relationship is back on track again.

Went back to changi village last night to revive back the memories we had before we got together. I was craving for stingray at that time and he brought me to Changi Village.

My colleagues are awesome people.

I only had a mild sorethroat and they were all worried over me. Forced me to go pharmacy and get medicine, and didn't let me go to a party that i was supposed to go last night. I was so touched by their care!

But still, i went for the party nonetheless.
Ate fried unhealthy food.

Im a stubborn stubborn girl.

Bought a pair of high heels from Charles and Keith!
But i still need one pair of HIGH HIGH HIGH white party heels and a pair of black comfortable high heels for dailywear :)

Im so hungry now.
Shall end here and talk more later.

Have a nice day everyone!

I wish i'll have a nice day too.
i've been rather moody recently.

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