Monday, April 14, 2008

Hey people,
I think you have all mistook what i've said.

I was not throwing a temper, in fact, i was in a fine mood while writing the post. I just felt that it was quite ridiculous that so many people are commenting on the word. Is it that important for ME to write good and perfect english? Do you go around reading blogs and then commenting on their english?

I understand some of the comments came from really caring readers who are just informing me about my mistakes. But there are some comments that seem to be telling me that spelling Lost as Losted is the end of the world.

As long as the meaning is brought across, i dont think there's any need to be perfect. If i spell it correctly, good. If i dont, then it's just accidental or i forgot/dontknow how to write properly.

Some of the comments are really downright rude.

So I have the rights not to reply them politely, dont i?

After a group photoshoot with Agri, xiaoting, valie, etc at clarkequay, Agri brought us to eat Liang Court's Meiya japanese food.

The udon is really good!

I love all these japanese teriyaki meat.

Grabbed a dslr and shot afew pics of agri!





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