Monday, April 21, 2008

Cried alot yesterday.
It seemed like i lost the whole world. All the problems banged against me like a strong gust of wind, so hard that i couldn't find any strength to carry on living.

I was hoping to meet with an accident because im so afraid to commit suicide.

I shan't elaborate more about what happen.

I feel so fat this morning!
Im gonna eat soupy and healthy food from today onwards until i look thinner again :(

Laptop is so lag, shall blog some other time.

I like this picture that i shot of amy:

Anyway, when i announced that i couldn't work anymore and it was going to be my last day, the colleagues were all felt it was too sudden. They told me sweet things and they really felt like family.

I had lots of great memories at my workplace,
and i've never thought of leaving so soon.

I'll miss those kitchen helpers who always bully me but yet still so kind at heart. The waiters who treated me like a princess, the manager and waitresses who doted on me.

This sms sent my tears rolling down my cheeks:" ........ to april 20th, is my most enjoyable moments. Your smile, playful, careless, and sweetness i will remember forever"

I really miss them.

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