Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've afew funny things to share with you guys but that's gonna be at the end of this post because im feeling unhappy now!


My life has been a total messed up recently and i would sometimes breakdown and cry and wish i could just sleep the days away.

I have so much to do,
So little time.

Didnt go to school today because i overslept.
Sick and tired i guess.

Wanted to rant here, but after writing a whole pile of thoughts, i erased everything after thinking it would be better to keep everything to myself.

i've been achoo-ing the whole day and it's irritating me plus tiring me out.


I really want to live in a world of my own where i can do whatever i want to do. I dont like restrictions and i love freedom.

Im selfish.
But well, that's what i like to be.

The generous and eager-to-please person will always lose out in the end.
I rather be at the receiving end.

Ah, why am i talking about this?
Nothing revelant to the problems im facing now.

But still, anyone in a down mood can still smile if we helped them abit, just like how i smiled a couple of times today despite my tired mood.

Came across afew LAME videos, but they made me laughed abit.


How to be emo:
(lame at first but kinda funny at some parts.)

And while clearing my table, i found a list of riddles that are funny!

Shall post only one today. Guess!

What's the best way to talk to a man-eating tiger?

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