Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everyone makes mistake.

Including me, and i shouldn't be obliged to be perfect just because i have a blog with followers :) I like to be happy-go-lucky without caring for any worries in my life. It's easier to be oblivious to other people's views towards me.

Went out with Jason last week. Or was it last last week? i forgot.

I love ajisen! They have the best ramen in the world :D


teriyaki. felt that it was kept overnight.
Jason's volcano. I wont eat that thing.

Eye makeup was terrible that day. Didn't really care cos jason has already seen me in worse states like without makeup or with spects. Haha.

Mine mine mine! :D

Went shopping! Bought 3 dresses. Love them!

After the shopping, i was craving for icecream so we settled at swensens for chocolate fondue.

This chocolate fondue made me sick the next day :(

More updates soon! I havent edit some of the pictures. I always have many thoughts with me when im not around my laptop, but whenever i come online, i forget everything. Pfffttt.

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