Friday, April 11, 2008

What's the big deal about writing LOST as LOSTED?

My blog isn't a grammar/spelling school.
Im not an ambassador of the english language.
So i dont care.

Well, the problem about my hp is solved!
I didn't get it back from the person who took it though :(

Bought a new exact same model (because i love that phone's camera). And then asked for a new simcard.

So yea, it's solved! But then, i losted everyone's contact numbers.

And lots of pictures that i took the other day when my colleague asked me out for a date. to accompany him spend money. Celebrating the first cheque that he received from our restaurant!
Our $100++ Sushi Tei meal (VERY YUMMY),

Nevermind lah. No one interested in those pics right??? :D

My favourite song that i loved listening during the kbox session:
Jaychou's TIAN TIAN DE.

So sweet ^^

I think there should be public umbrellas located everywhere so that we can borrow it whenever there's rain. I dont think there are many people who bother to bring umbrellas out everyday, preparing for a rainy day.

This morning it was raining heavily but i didn't notice it from home, because i seldom open my windows. Without an umbrella, i had to walk one big round in order to walk to the bustop, so i decided to book a cab instead.

When i got on the cab, i saw that the starting fee was $3.00 instead of $2.80, and the another smaller meter was $4.55. I dont know what the small meter stands for, so if it stands for booking fee, my booking fee was $3.50 only.

Was too lazy to argue with the driver so i just let him be and thought that it's only a difference of afew cents.

So.... guess what?

a usually $18 cabfare became $34+!

I have a love & hate relationship with my liquid eyeliner. Every morning when i apply the liquid eyeliner, i get frustrated with it because it's so difficult to use. The liquid sometimes drop INTO my eyes and my whole eyeball itches. But then, i love it at night because it's so easy to take out. Just use water. Another thing i love about it is that it doesn't smudge my the bottom of my eye! Whenever i use pencil eyeliners, it always smudges the bottom. Maybe the problem is the structure of my eye.

Im like jumping from topic to topic randomly. Hahahaha.

After the aids awareness event that day, me, boyfriend, isaac and grace went over to paragon. Isaac left us soon after, and the rest of us headed to fareast to meet up with winnie, jessica and june.

Shopped around abit, until me and boyfriend made our escape to have a nice dinner all by ourselves.

Settled at this place outside far east.

I dont like the fact that it has no air con.
But the ambience was not bad, with the natural dark sky and quiet environment. Romantic love songs were floating in the air and it didn't felt like singapore.

Both of us ordered our food and started devouring the fish.

From what i remembered, the food was not bad. Not very delicious but not failing :)

Had a heart-to-heart talk with boyfriend in that romantic atmosphere. both of us admitted to our feelings for each other FADING.

We believe it's only one of the obstacles we have to face and we will solve it. Promised each other that we'll try to find our feelings back asap :)

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