Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks so much to baobao, chevonne, limin and amy for being there when i had nothing.

I took one whole morning and afternoon to make this.
My finger hurts from the resizing, clicking, and sorting :(

Our photos, the things we did over these 6 months, all into one picture.

It was only after yesterday then i realised how much you did for me, how much i hurt you, how much i ruined this relationship.

Im grateful that in the end you came back for me, hugging me, giving me another chance, wearing back our ring.

No guy would forgive his girlfriend betraying him.
You did.

What amy said was right, i can never find another guy like him again if i dont hold him tight.

You said you want me as your wife.
I hope you still do.

It was foolish of me to let such a stupid mistake spoil us.
It wont happen again, i promise. *hooks last finger*

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