Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Me and boyfriend brokeup.

Belated April Fool!

Heh, for the first time in my life, i tricked many people yesterday! Victims were my colleagues, daddy, mummy, boyfriend, and i forgot who. I had the best fun yesterday morning!

Manager asked how come im so happy when it's only April Fools day. Of course happy lah, everyone that i tricked fell for it!

Sense of satisfaction, you see.

What tricks did you guys play on your friends? I wanna have more ideas to save for next year! :p

Afew pictures from a previous group photoshoot.
This time, im not the model. Im the organiser! :) Tiring job.

I love this mirror because it makes me look thin. Yippie.

Alright, a many-pictures post up next. I wrote it already, but im not gonna post it now =P

My washing machine is making very weird noises.
Oh no, i have a feeling i forgot to take out something from my pocket.


im hearing this song alot recently. -Chu Dian by S.H.E.

I really miss the starting stages of relationships :(
The feeling is always wonderful.

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