Monday, March 24, 2008

Thanks for all the emails!

I didnt know that i have so many pretty readers~!! I've forwarded the emails, so wait for the reply :) It might come early, it might come late, because it isn't possible for us to shoot so many girls at a time right? Haha. Let them decide who they want to shoot first :)

If you havent emailed, do it now! Dont be afraid of trying. You'd never know. It's not as if i would blog about your pic and laugh at you right? Im not so evil lah :D Males can also try. Hahaha. I think i am the only one interested in the males, not the other photographers =x

And girls, in case you misunderstood, im not bringing you all into the modelling industry. The other real models will kill me if i do that. Hahaha. Maybe just some pictures that you can go for auditions with in the future by your own, or just for a memorable experience of being a model for a day.

After the shoot with isabella, me and xiaoting rushed to hongkong cafe at cineleisure. I had only 15 mins to eat because i have to start work. I usually eat for 1 hour!

The milk tea is fabulous. Maybe because both of us are super thirsty!

I kept dropping and losing money recently.

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