Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh my goodness.
My toe nails are dropping off one by one!!!
THE WHOLE DAMN PIECE! Yes, even the parts where it's supposed to be glued to the top of your toes!


Even i am freaking out already.

First, it was my right feet's middle toe. The 'glue' somehow got lost and the nail was dangling loose. Daddy advised me to cut it off in case it pulls off by itself and that would be more painful.

Then, my right feet's BIG TOE's nail also went dangly! I dared not cut that piece off because it would be super painful. Such a big nail leh! I left it like that and keep pressing it, hoping that it would stick back naturally. However, it grew outwards instead. Grr. I went out with isaac the other day and the toe bleeded!! There's blueblack inside my nails now. Look so ugly.

Then yesterday, i realised that my 2nd toe in my left foot is dangly too!!! It's scary you know :(

I think it's because i've been wearing too much covered high heels and it keeps giving pressure to my long toenails. Well, teaches me a lesson to cut my toenails shorter and wear open-air high heels instead.

Had a group shoot with Joleen LAST YEAR.
hahaha. That means im super super super late in updating!

Eugene, one of the photographers gave me a ride to the location~ Great guy right. hahaha. Yeap, i purposely edited the pic until my face couldnt be seen because i look unpresentable in certain angles.

We were supposed to dress and act kiddish, and so we tied our hair into two braids! So cute! And each of us were holding a doll that joleen bought. Arent the dolls cute?! Joleen gave me the orange one after the shoot. Thanks babe :)

After we took off our braids.

me and rachelle. she's too thin! i need to donate her some of my fats. I have too much of them. Hahaha.

I love how i look with thick eyeliner. Although it might look terrible in real life, but at least it looks better in the pictures than me with thin eyeliner.

When i wear thin eyeliner and go out, people would say i look better like that, but in the pictures i look so terrible! Especially when i smile, my eyes would turn droopy and saddish! Look around some other bloggers' blog, you would find pictures of me in the ugliest angle and droppiest eyes ever. Yes, i do look horrible in those pictures.

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