Monday, March 3, 2008

Sometimes i listen to how some girls are able to express themselves in good english and wonderful understandable structures in a conversation, i felt so much admiration for them. I love listening to how these people are able to talk fluently with so much confidence, without having to pause to think if they are talking correctly.

Since i was in secondary school, or even primary school, when people ask me whether im better in english or chinese, i dont know what to answer. Im a goner at writing chinese words and hate write chinese compos. But i speak chinese easily in conversations. Im able to say what i want to say more easily in chinese. Sometimes when i go out with isaac or boyfriend (who are both english speaking), or jessica (who is wellknown for her ability to express very well on her blog in english), i had to use chinese in midsentences because i cant find the word to use in english.

I've always scored badly in English oral exams, but i always got high scores for writing compositions and they always helped to pull up my marks. Teachers commented that i was able to express clearly in good structures and hold on to the marker's attention, occasionally using rare volcabulary instead of those normal general ones. Maybe it's long since i had the secondary school kind of education, so i dont write well anymore. I've lost touched with the interest of finding out new words like i did when i was younger.

I hate how im so bad at speaking english. I had to pause and think before saying anything because wrong words would always splurt out. In meetings i had as a blogger, i dont talk much because im very careful with what i would say as i know i would definitely embarrass myself with my horrible speaking.

In school whenever i had to act in a videofilm, i always beg my team to let me take the easier role, where i dont have to speak long english sentences. Hahaha. Short sentences are alright but long sentences? Im not confident enough.

I wanna be able to express myself in english more!!!

I wonder why i could speak so freely with my boyfriend in english but not in big group meetings =x

Ohwell, enough about speaking fluently. It just came across my head when i suddenly remembered how i enjoyed listening to this model talking about her thoughts in one of my meetings as a blogger.


As i stated in my blog that day, im going out with isaac!

We ate chicken rice from the famous stall at fareast. I forgot which storey it was. Yummy~

Got thirsty and drank bubbletea!
I love pearls. I dont find any reasons to drink bubbletea without pearls. If without pearls, i rather go buy some fruitjuices to drink which are way healthier.

Rachel and isaac dont like pearls though.

Camwhore session! Isaac's bad camera skills. Made our face all distorted because of the blur -.- I photoshopped this picture, because the original one was kanasai.

Dont ask me why i bother putting up pictures when im going to cover my eyes with the paint tool in almost all the pics. It's to credit them for taking pics with me over and over again!

I tried putting lesser eyeliner that day, i look okay in the mirror, but HORRIBLE in the pictures! Im gonna stick back to my normal thick ways :(

Less eyeliner makes my eyes look droopy.
I rather look like a panda than some sleepy girl in town.

ISAAC!! Hahahahahhaha.

Isaac got so excited by this heartshaped droplets on his hand.

I contrasted isaac until black black :D

Boyfriend came to pick me up from orchard after he booked out of camp.

Ate dinner at Ajisen!! I love the ramen there....


Boyfriend had volcano. He loves spicy things. Too bad his girlfriend is nowhere near hot. Hahahhaaha.
I had PaiKu ramen, and i learnt one lesson. Never ever eat paiku in front of a guy. It's embarrassig when meat gets stuck to your teeth or you cant pull the meat out of the bones. Lucky it's my boyfriend who saw me in such an unglam situation and not some other guy.

LOVES!!! Was full already but greedy me wanted to eat all!

And on the leap day,
We watched the leap years movie!!

So that when peopel ask:
"What did you do last leap year?"

I can reply:
"I watched the leap years."

Christ said that maybe 4 years later there would be a sequel to this movie called: "The leap year... again", or "The leap year returns", or "I know what you did last leap year"

The last one sounds interesting! Haha.

We booked the seats via online, but most of the seats were taken up and we were left with the first 3 rows. I insisted that i want to watch this show because watching this show on any other day wouldn't have any meaning anymore =p

And so, we sat on the 3rd row. Was rather uncomfortable throughout the show. Doesn't help that boyfriend is a skinny bamboo.

Okay, now about the show!!

It was great enough to keep me interested in the show wholethrough. I initially thought that this kind of slowmoving romance stories would definitely make me yawn halfway, but this was good! I like the storyline, and the reality of it. It isn't fairytale-like, it's realistic! That's what i like about it.

Another favourite of the show was Li-Ann's (played by Wonglilin, the main role) 3 good friends. All of them are typical singaporean rich ladies, who are also met with lovelife problems. I love how confident and pretty they are. The way they talk was also awesome.

Go watch it! It's definitely worthed :)
Gonna buy the dvd when it comes out and force my family to watch it.

The show made me teared so many times that boyfriend had to keep wiping away the tears from my face. Haha.

After the show... it was already almost midnight. What is boyfriend doing?

A lightstick!

The red one for me and blue one for him. afew weeks ago i had gave him a blue glowing bangle to wear for fun and red one for me too.

And a picture to end today's post.

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