Thursday, March 13, 2008

I got the invitation to CLEO's Bachelor's Schools Out party tonight at zouk but couldnt go due to some private reasons. Sigh.

I wanted to go.

And and and,

i've so much pictures on my handphone to blog about but i realise that i forgot almost everything that happened.

Alright, let's just try to remember.
Here are the more random ones:

Yesterday, cut hair.

This was before i cut hair.

Some results of recent Shopping Sprees.
A pair of skinnyjeans, more than 10 new dresses and tops, 4 new pair of high heels, one box of eyelashes, and lots of other useless things. Blah. Im broke now. Cabbing alot recently :(

Bought bright colours recently because realised that i have too much black, white and grey in my wardrobe.

Love this pair of heels. Original price was $50 but i got it at a lower price. That's why i love sales.

Shopping at Tangs afew days ago.

Fell down on the escalator.
Lucky i grabbed the railing fast enough if not i would get a fractured back from rolling down instead of these cat-like claw marks.

Went out with mummy afew weeks ago and got lost -.-
End up at this place and walked round and round and round.

The rest of this entry is about food!

There's a yummy shop selling western food at takashimaya. Tried it out with boyfriend afew weeks ago. Prices are very reasonable.

The large calamari rings.
My fish and chips. i dont like the wedges though.

Im in love with Delifrance!!

Had a feast with colleagues after work~

ShiLin's xxl chicken. Couldn't resist it each time i pass by the stall.

Had dintaifung with boyfriend before work.
I love to eat wantons but i dont like eating noodles.
I totally love their fried rice. Best, ever.
Not oily at all, not bland at all, and i love the round grains.

And afew Yakun toast to end the entry :)

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