Wednesday, March 19, 2008

(content deleted, it was written on impulse)
Wu Lai. A song that was introduced to me 1 year back. Meaningful.

Might be meeting boyfriend later.
He said he'll try.

But then, everytime he says he would "try",
He end up not even trying at all.

Oh well. I would rather he say he doesn't want to come.

This relationship isn't going the right way.

How would you feel if your boyfriend dotes on you ONLY when you are picking up a fight? ONLY sweettalks but no actions to prove it? And promises that last 3 minutes?

When im nice to him,
He end up neglecting me, taking me for granted, putting me at the back of his piority list.

Hey girls, i really dont know how to work this relationship. I've told him this MANY MANY MANY TIMES already!

I wish we'll both work this out.

Less than 10 days to our 5th month :)

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