Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've got nothing to blog about.
Go away.

Nah, just kidding about the go away part, but im serious about the nothing-to-blog part. I transfered all the pics from my cam to my laptop, look at the pictures, and then decided not to blog about them. They are all the usual things like eating and shopping and meeting up with Fiona. Omg, bestie turned super pretty and even more mature than last time! I look like a small kid beside her :(

Fun to do it in reality,
but BORING to blog about.

I just had the sweetest dream ever.

It consist of a passionate kiss, two eyes looking into each other, hugs, flirtings, and the guy isn't my boyfriend. Hahaha.

Im not sure who the guy in my dream was. I just know that in the dream, i had a crush on that guy in my dream.

It was about two of us liking each other. He would flirt but doesn't say it straightforward. Well, that's the thing i love about the start of a relationship. So sweet and mysterious, we dont really know what's on the other person's mind and would keep guessing.

The dream was really beautiful and perfect.

BUT, my mum woke me up.
And then i realise it's all just a dream.

then i got abit disappointed because it's just a dream.

then i got sad because dreams dont come true.

I had swollen eyes yesterday and my right eye was super painful so i didn't wear contact lens. I wore spectacles to work! My colleagues are all shocked when they see me.

The younger guys there prefer me without spects.
The older guys there prefer me with spects.

hahaha. i think it's the generation problem. I look more mature and gentle (+TOOD) with spects on. I sighed whenever i walked pass the mirror.

Talking about my colleagues, i love them tons! It's them who made my worklife much more fun and im looking forward to work everyday!

But school's starting soon :(
7th april.

That means i've so little time with them left. I've decided to continue working parttime there so that i'll still get to meet them 2-3 time a week :D

It isn't easy to come by such a great environment to work in.

I dont want school to start so fast.
Firstly, i dont want to stop working there so early. Secondly, i dread carrying my laptop to school everyday. Thirdly, i hate waking up early just to catch that stupid crowded bus.

In order not to be squashed together with the other students, you have two choices. One is to go to school way early, or way late.

I chose to be way late. Hahaha.
Everyday i was slowly choosing clothes, slowly bathing, slowly putting makeup on, and happily thinking that i'll get a seat on the bus. And 45 minutes late for class =x

Last year school started at 9am.

But now that im year two, i think classes starts at 8.30am. That means i have to wake up even more early!

I dont like school.

oh ya, when school starts i think i will be sitting in the classroom whole day watching ANTM :)

but thinking of the internet speed in school, i guess one part of one episode would take one whole day to load -.-

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