Friday, March 7, 2008



Bored about where to go online shopping? Your favourite shops havent been updating much and you need to shop urgently?


(oh no, i forgot to put in the url the previous time: )

1) What do they sell?
- Fabulous designs that suit many occasions, be it casual school wear, party, or work.
- and most importantly, ALL ARE BRAND NEW STOCKS. No used secondhand clothing.

2) What about the prices?
- For brand new clothes, i think the clothings have very reasonable pricings. Currently the clothes are all only $20+ and some even lesser than that!

3) Service?
- I know all of you dislike owners with bad service. But this girl is great! She wanted to give me 2 pieces of my choice and i forgot to tell her i went off work early on the date she was suppose to come down and give me the clothes. She didn't complain at all when my colleagues told her i was gone and she came back the next day! That's what i call a sincere service.

I think it's definitely worth your money.

If you would like to see more of certain types of cothings, feel free to email to to let them know and they'll source for you!

Oh ya,
don't forget to join their mailing list too for future updates! you may leave your number if you wish to opt for sms notification. all comments will be screened so no worries :)

Here are two pieces of gorgeous clothing i got from them.
Clean, new, in the package and tag is still attached!

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