Friday, March 28, 2008

Does anyone know how to get the chilli hotness out of our hands after touching them?

Sometimes when workplace has very little customers like in the afternoons, it would get real bored and i would volunteer to cut the chilli. This way, i get to talk to the fun kitchen people more, and cutting chilli is much more interesting and easy than doing work at the mainground.

But then, one thing i hate about cutting chilli is that everynight when i get home and try to take out my contact lens, my eyes getting burning hot after contact with my fingers!

I washed my hands with soap and water but that doesn't stop the burning feel.

Yesterday was much worse.
While i was surfing the net after getting home, my left hand got super hot like fire is on them. Pfffttt. I got so irritated by the burning feel that i switched off my laptop and go to sleep instead so that i dont have to feel it.

Mum suggested putting salt on the hands and rub. I tried that but it only works for like 30 seconds!

Im not gonna cut chilli today. Even if i am going to, im gonna ask someone else to hold the chilli while i hold the knife =p


Boyfriend just finished a small surgery. And it's really small! I thought his surgery would take at least 30 minutes but it was like only 5-7 minutes lor!!

Might be able to meet him later. Yay. I shall try not to lose temper again and be a sweet lovely girlfriend :D

Went out with fidelis last night, and we were CRAZY!! lots of camwhore and lots of pictures. We even did something embarassing in the middle of a shopping mall that has branded stuffs and highclass people everywhere =x

Gonna blog about it soon :)
After i sort out the pics.

Now people, since you are so bored and bloghopping around, would you be a kind soul and go help me research on how to remove the burning hot feeling after cutting chilli ??

:) Thanks sweeties.

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