Sunday, March 30, 2008

My right eye is swollen!

It's so hard to put eyeliner on my eyes now.

I ate alot today even though i wasn't hungry! First, i woke up late and cabbed down to meet the models and photographers. Didn't eat anything at all until almost 1pm. Then settled for chicken rice set meal from foodrepublic at suntec. The place is fabulous! It doesn't even look like a foodcourt! The table cleaners were dressed in black cheongsam-like dresses. They look like pretty young girls from japan and china. Imagine my shock when a pretty girl in that black dress with nice makeup suddenly coming up to my table and clearing boyfriend's empty plate.

Boyfriend asked me if i would work as a foodcourt cleaner if i can dress up pretty and salary higher than my current average paying restaurant waitress parttime job.

I immediately replied: "Dont want lah! Must help people clear plate, where got young girl clear plates one!! so weird!"

Then i thought of something and said: "oh ya, restaurant waitress also must clear plates hor..."


But then, foodcourt leh! Will meet so many people in one day! What if see until friend, very paisei one lor. At least in restaurants, high chance is that the people we serve are rich and high status people. They wont even bother looking at the waitress what.

Haha. Boyfriend and me are so random. I guess we dont have much more topics to talk about already so anyhow bom nonsense topic. lol.

back to food. Around 3 hours after lunch, i ate fried wings at macdonalds for dinner! had a craving for it suddenly although a minute ago i was craving for steam food -.-

After fried wings, had kimchi pancake & dandanmian from Hanok Korean Restaurant. And after that, fried wings again and when i got back home, mum had a beehoon +nuggets + fishcake supper for me.

Im gonna wake up with a big belly tomorrow.

I wanna be a food reviewer!
I also want a slimming centre to sponsor me!

This way i can enjoy life everyday by eating the most delicious food in the world, and also not become fat. Good right.

Dream on, esther.

Alright, im really sleepy and this post is just to entertain you guys actually. Im just blabbling away aimlessly on this post and i dont want to blog about my pictures now because im lazy to transfer them. heh.

Shot these 2 adorable babes recently.

Chevonne 1

Chevonne 2

Queeny 1

Queeny 2
IMG_3011 copy
(email to if you are interested in modelling for afew friends of mine. please read my previous entries for the details. Leave contact numbers too. Thanks)

Oh ya, i learnt something else today. Never ever assume. You know why?

I wore high heels today to match with my halter white top and mini pants. But then while walking around suntec, i complained about pain and then decided to change into my working big flat shoes until we reach the mrt station where there is more people.

I told boyfriend: "Nobody will see me one lah!"

And then, just afew minutes later, boyfriend heard someone passing by say: "isn't that esther?"

OMG. unglam lah! I look so mismatched wearing oversized big flat shoes with that outfit. Shall bear the high heels pain nextime!

Disclaimer: I wrote this post in a half-eye-closed situation. Pardon the rubbish written. I also dont know what im writing about. =x

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