Saturday, March 22, 2008

Im having alot of fun at work recently :)

Blog maybe later, or tomorrow.
Kinda busy now.

So much to do, so little time.


Sometimes, it's good to store some Tees in your wardrobe instead of the usual dresses! I seldom buy tops because i seldom wear shorts. I prefer to wear dresses, and it's so much more easy. However, there are some occasions where dresses are too overdressing, and i had no choice but to dig for tees in my messy wardrobe.

This shop was nice enough to give me 3 tops for free.

I like this striped hoodie the most.

Then, a semitransparent espirit black tee that is perfect for any day. No picture for this one.

The third piece is this spagetti strapped grey top.

I went back to their website again and found a couple of dresses that are greatlooking! Wetseal, topshop, etc at super affordable prices. $20++ only!

They also provide postage service, so it's at great convenience, since you only have to stay at home at click click click.

I know of some girls who are quite young, maybe primary school or lower secondary who do not have much freedom from their parents and can't go for meetups. I've got a suggestion. You can order the items you want, and then request for it to be mailed to your classmate's home, and then ask your classmate to pass to you the clothes when they reaches her house!

Parents will be killing me =x

There are also wallets/bags/footwear/accessories from guess, adidas, Charles Jourdan, Juicy Couture, bonia, etc available!

Go visit now now now!

I think their service was great too! I had a hard time choosing my 3 pieces because i want to make sure the sizes as the model look so thin! I asked for alot of measurements and many emails were made. But they are still patient and gave me all the details! Not bad :)


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