Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Once upon a time.....
There lived a beautiful princess called MiMi.

One day, she sat down crying at a corner of the palace.

Her fairygodmother saw her crying and went over to ask her why.

FairyGodmother: Why are you crying my dear?

MiMi: I wanna see the Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors, but i dont know how! They are all so attractive!!

FairyGodmother: Dont you know? There's a carnival coming up soon where you get to meet all the hunks! Have some good fun with the boys at the carnival, where you can steal a kiss from the Bachelors, or maybe find your soulmate at the astro corner and...


FairyGodmother: Wait, i havent finish what i want to say! You can also have a splashing good time at the dunking booth or maybe do what you love to do most, SHOPPING! There would surely be fabulous buys from the flea market stalls there, but remember that your credit card would be useless there because they only accept cash. Hit the ATM before you go, in case the King only have goldbars, because they dont accept goldbars too.

MiMi: You should be called the FairyGod-Grand-mother. You are so naggy! WHEN AND WHERE!!!

FairyGodmother: Heh, it's 8th March 2008. Saturday at Zouk from 2-7pm!

MiMi: It's coming soon! I havent bought a nice dress to meet those hunks.......

FairyGodmother: Go try out the games stalls too, as there are prizes up to $100 up for grabs there!

MiMi: My dress......

FairyGodmother: Don’t forget to pick up the sizzling hot March issue of CLEO with all 50 Bachelors plus coupons for you to use at The Bachelor Carnival.

MiMi: What dress should i wear??

FairyGodmother: Hey, you can play with this quiz here!


Which guy is your favourite?
I think i have more than one choice =x

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