Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hadn't gone out with Christabel and Sujun since very long ago! I think the last time i saw Christabel was on her birthday last year and sujun around my house area afew weeks ago.

Asked them out on a lovely afternoon and had our girly day. Time to kick isaac aside for awhile and enjoy being out with only girls. Haha. (actually i asked him out but he kept procrastinating. then in the end when i've decided on a girls-only afternoon, then he called back and grumble about wanting to go shopping -.- )

I was late, again.
Hee, i've always been late.

Went over to Paragon to have our lunch cos we are so hungry!

If you want to eat,

But want healthy food,
Less portion,
Reasonable prices,

Try The Soup Spoon.

I think the food there would be love for veggie eaters, and so-so only for meat eaters. But once-in-awhile, it's alright to eat lighter food. At least the food there isn't bland.

I had chicken stew and chicken tikka. I regret eating the chicken tikka because it wasn't so fantastic and it made me damn full.

If you are a girl, chicken stew is ENOUGH for lunch.
Doesn't look fantastic at all in the picture but it's sure great. Lots of meat inside too.

Chicken Tikka looks nice, but there was too much veggie inside. Also, the meat tastes like curry chicken. Oh ya, i also realise one reason why i dont like the meat inside. It was breastmeat. I dont eat breastmeat, i prefer thigh.

Sujun had mushroom soup, which was also fabulous.

And also her bowl full of veggies. Underneath was some tunghoon with sauce i guess? I think i forgot. Haha. Didnt try it cos i guess it wouldn't be nice.

The chicken stew is still the best.

Stopped by this art gallery and had a look. I like the works :)

Shopped around Fareast and bought a pair of heels from Mondo. Not a very high heel, i guess it's just impulse buy.

Have been going out alot, which explains why im seldom online nowsadays and even a little lazy to reply to emails. But that also means i'll have lots to blog about soon.

Not about isaac, i know you guys are bored of him. (hahaha)
This time, it's about pretty babes!


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