Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I was asked to write about my nightlife.

Nightlife? First thing that comes to your head after hearing this word is “Clubbing… Dancing… Wine & beer”, practically anything that is Wild.

I don’t have that kind of nightlife though.

I haven’t stepped into a club to party before. Haha. When I tell this to people, most of them don’t believe me. I don’t know why too.

Well, im not of legal age yet what.
And again, my mum’s kinda strict.

Maybe I’ll only get to club after I get married, which is most probably after 27 years old since im not gonna marry early.

Met up with Nick after work twice at the Spinelli CafĂ© at heeren. Near my workplace, so it’s very convenient.

Had a chat while he used his laptop. Yea, free wireless there too!

I can’t resist cakes.

Laughed about our funny encounters on bus and trains where we kept dozing off and missed our stops. Haha. I laughed like some siaocharbor!

Can’t think of anywhere to go at night? Go to http://nokia.com.sg/soulofthenight ! I had so much ideas gotten from there :D I'd surely be going out at night more!

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