Monday, March 17, 2008


Boyfriend did some things wrong, and he got a surprise to make up for it. But oh well, i found out his surprise even before he manage to get the surprise present. hehe. I felt him measuring my 4th finger with his fingers on the way to work =P

Im such a un-fun girlfriend.

It comes with a bouquet of bears. Cute!
There's our name inside. And when we turn the ring, it becomes the another name. Like original it's [ esther * ], den when you turn it, it becomes [ * kelvin ].

* represents the diamond.

Kinda special!
I told him that at least if we ever breakup, i can still use the ring just that i'll turn the ring into showing my name instead of his.

Inside in the date of the start of our relationship.

I look weird in the picture, but nevermind lah. Haha. It was late at night and im super tired.

Ate the soup spoon again with boyfriend. I love the ham and cheese sandwich. I have cravings for that again!

Okay, that's all for this post.
im super late for work already.


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