Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lizard or cockroach?

Today.... I'm going to blog about my encounter with Insects recently.

Before you read the following, let me say that I hate insects. I'm afraid of every single kind of insect but the thing is, I am also too scared to squash or kill them.... even ants... It just feels disgusting and usually I would let them escape to somewhere else that is not within my sight. For me, it is "As long as you don't disturb me, I'm fine about you."

But when I have someone nearby, I'd grab that someone and say "Kill them for me! Kill them!! Don't let them run away!!" Does that make me the mastermind behind the murder? Oops.

That day, I was about to take a shower so I switched on the water and immediately I saw several ants trying to escape from the water. So I quickly switched off the water so that they can move away before I flood the bathroom. Then I waited and waited, then realize that the puddles of water have surrounded the dry land that they were in. The ants were unable to swim out. Bobian lor.... Sorry ah ants, I TRIED. I REALLY TRIED T_T

My office have mini cockroaches all the time. A few months back, got one time my colleague not around and there was a cockroach on my plastic bag so I was so scared that I went out of the office to ask two strangers to help me with the cockroach. Omg, embarrassing. I hesitate for very long before I had the courage to ask!

Then that day, I tweeted that a few baby cockroaches are circling around my keyboard, very irritating but I don't dare kill it myself. I dreaded to think about how disgusting it would be when they grow up. Then a couple of days later, the cockroaches disappeared!! But I saw a LIZARD CRAWL BEHIND THE TELEPHONE. Ewwwww! After a few more days, I realize that it must be the lizard who ate all the baby cockroaches!! THE LIZARD SAVED ME!!! I'd choose one lizard (as long as it doesn't touch me and stay out of sight please) over a dozen cockroaches!!

Okay lets not talk about insects anymore. I wish I have a protective cover to make all insects stay away from me at least 100 metres away!!!

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