Friday, January 6, 2012

Guess who is recently engaged???

Guess who is recently engaged???

Not me of course, but my good friend Nadia! Four of us had planned to have dinner together actually, but on the day itself, David contacted Jacelyn and told her that he plans to give Nadia a surprise proposal. Jacelyn immediately looped me and Fidelis about what was going to happen. We were all so excited for her!!

Proposal pictures first!

First, David silently walked into the restaurant and crept up behind Nadia. That's why we had to make her sit with her back facing the door! Luckily for us, we did not have to make up excuses to make her sit there because she own self go sit there! Heng ah! Haha.

Surprised Look.


The ring is on!!! Means YES~!!!

A kiss to seal the deal haha.


I'm sure you all want to see the video right..... VIDEO HERE:

Okay okay, on to the food, which nobody really cared about after the proposal... Lol. This Japanese restaurant is located at Ion. I think that the food is good, although a bit on the pricey side if you order a lot.

We were laughing about how the staff misspell Fidelis' name from Ms Toh to Ms Ton. And we all didn't realise that there was a "5", which could have gave away the game but lucky Nadia quite blur that day!!

Jacelyn & Nadia

Me and Fidelis!

I forgot what's each of the food above, but ALL NICE!! I think I would go back there again some day :) Must go with alot of people because alot nice! Can't possibly order so much if only 1 or 2 people...

You may view Nadia's account of it and more pictures at her blog :)

Outfit of the day is from Very crumpled in the picture below and I didn't tie properly but you can see how the model at Coccomomo wears it -- CLICK. Oh, by the way, this dress is less than $20. GRAB IT NOW~~~

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