Thursday, January 5, 2012


Wanted to blog today but I got kinda lazy and 25 minutes more to bed time so I think I will just anyhow write something here.

I went to buy CNY goodies with SX at Chinatown yesterday. Still got so long to Chinese New Year but it is so crowded already!! SX suddenly wanted to squeeze in a movie into our already-very-tight schedule, so we rushed like ah-siao. Did not manage to finish buying the stuff that I wanted to buy though. Our hands were already full and heavy so we went back to his house to give his mother some items. And then I carried his sister's baby for awhile and then we rushed to my house to give my mother the CNY gifts, and then we rushed to Downtown East for a late screening of "The Darkest Hour". We had initially wanted to watch the 10.15pm one but we were super late so ended up watching the 11.15PM one. Although the internet ratings for this movie is damn lousy, both of us liked the movie! It is exciting and interesting to watch... I love such "end-of-the-world-disaster-and-only-a-group-survived" genre. Haha.

I have so much items on my to-do list and I don't have enough time to finish them!! I just wanna relax and watch TV shows~~


Anyway, check out this CNY commercial!

Ok this entry is really random. My mind is on something else haha...

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