Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anyone wants to read an excerpt of my 15 year old diary and 12 year old storybook??


My sister was doing spring cleaning around her table and she found 2 astonishing things.

1. A 'Storybook' I wrote when I was Primary 6. Book with illustrations at the front page, a summary page at the back, got a "this is for blah blah blah ....." page and has 8 chapters. Plus... with a "fan club" subscription page!! Anyone interested? I think I will scan and put it up here. Haha.

2. Hand-written diary of when I was 15. Most of it is about me and my crush and the journey of me confessing to him and all that. PLUS GOT EXACT TIMING ONE.

Also, you know what, I was so shock to read that I had confessed to him. All the while up till now, in my memory I thought that I never told him before and that he did not know anything leh. WTF!!! I even have his rejection sentence written in the diary!!

And then I also have a picture of him slotted inside one of the page. Haha! Plus another male classmate (I have no idea why this classmate's picture also inside omg)...

&&& You know last time FM93.3 got the "xian ge ji yi", where the DJ will read love stories and then dedicate songs? I wrote a story for me and that crush. But I didn't submit it. Now when I read it, I laugh like mad! Plus it's even written in Chinese!!! LOL.

I had a few guys chasing me at that time, so I also had a flow chart listing the "pros" and "cons" of dating each one. The points are damn funny lah! Like under bad section got "can't talk on phone", "younger than me", etc. And another one is "ahbeng type" Hahahah... and wanna hear the epic part? The "ahbeng type" point is listed under GOOD.

Really have to thank my sister for stealing my diary those days. The words and feelings inside are as raw as can be, something that this blog can never ever be.

Let me take out a quote from my diary in exact spelling: [Todae mi sms him 16 times.]
HAHAHAHA. Is that even diary-worthy?????? Hello blog readers, today I sms my boyfriend less than 10 messages worrrr~ Hahahahaha.

Okay lah, don't so kee-siao already. Will definitely scan and show you all one day! :D I hope that this particular crush does not read my blog. I don't think he would. He's too cool for all this blogging thing. Haha.

Back to proper blogging. So that day, I went to do manicure with Nadia at Millys! In case you do not know, they revamped a couple of months back. This is the Bugis branch at level 2.

Pretty? :D

Love my outfit that day!
It is from MissQueenie.

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