Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paradise Indeed

Today, I'm going to blog about the yummiest meal I had recently. Until now still nian nian bu wang!

Went to I12 Katong with Bf during one of our off day to explore the new mall. Decided to have dinner at Canton Paradise.

Me and Bf love soup alot. I like to pair my rice with meat dish + 1 hot soup ^^ But too bad whenever I eat like this outside, always cost $8 or more even if I eat at food court. Because soup is usually $4.50, rice is $3.50... Other people eat $3.50 lunch I eat double price! :(

Their soup is thick and very yummy. We only order 1 person portion this time. Will order the pot for 3-4 pax next time!

We had the BBQ combination platter - Steam Kampong chicken and Honey Pork. The chicken very nice lah, I don't know how to describe the taste. The pork is like Char Siew, but with fats inside!!!! However the portion is really very little. I can eat the whole plate myself lor, but too bad need share with BF :(:(:( *greedy girl*

We had steamed seabass topped with garlic and chilli padi. The name of this dish is "la la di", means "Spicy spicy one".... Haha. Actually the names all very funny. The honey pork above is called "Fei Po Blah blah blah", which mean "Fatty Honey pork blah blah"...

Although really very spicy, but it's very very very nice and special. The sauce makes the fish meat soft and juicy. Usually BF only eat abit of every fish dish we order and usually I get to eat most of the fish but this time it was so nice that he ate HALF!!!!!!! So I left HALF ONLY :(:(:(

I've been craving for this fish alot recently. Everytime he ask me if he can do this do that, my answer will be "bring me go Canton Paradise eat first"... Hahaha. Then when he want to spend money on some stuff, I will say "No cannot. Use the money treat me eat Canton Paradise." Lol.

My first time eating Custard Egg Tang Yuan with Cereal! Not bad!

I really want to go back and eat the fish leh. Now. I want go now. Now Now Now.

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