Monday, January 16, 2012

Fat is not curvy

Just saw this entry that I drafted back in August 2011 but never published... I wonder why I didn't.

Why are skinny celebrities always labeled as "anorexic", unattractive, image-conscious? Some people are just skinny because of the genes what. Doesn't mean every girl who is thin is hating on her body.

Why are obese celebrities being applauded for being proud of their body?
There's nothing to be proud of being super-overweight. It's very unhealthy and you are not loving your body if you decide to do nothing about your unhealthy diet.

Why are obese celebrities being labeled as "real woman" & why do people keep repeating the quote "curvy looks much better than being skinny".

Yes I agree that having meat looks better than bones but FAT does not equate to CURVY.

I have nothing against people who are overweight. It's a personal choice and I also understand that sometimes no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise, you just can't shed it off. I understand all that because I've never shed any weight due to exercise or not eating before. In fact, the less I eat, the fatter I become. (Before you start envying, let me say that when I eat too much I also become fat so the only way to do it is to eat balanced meals.) I also understand that some people are overweight not by choice.

I'm just so sick of obviously super fat celebrities saying things that encourage being unhealthy, and yet being praised for "embracing her body". It's not healthy being overweight, so stop saying things like that to convince everyone (and yourself) that it's alright to be severely overweight and unhealthy because "being fat is a being a real woman". Skinny/average weight women not real woman meh? And skinny celebrities, on the other hand, are said of be of bad example? It's just so silly that both sides of the scales are equally super unhealthy yet the treatment is so different. I read this paragraph somewhere... 'Firstly, it is part of this strange turn in what we call "body acceptance", but it is really just thin bashing instead of fat bashing. It's propaganda bullshit. Suddenly fat girls are "natural beauties" and thin girls are lambasted on magazine covers as "scary skinny"'

Stop encouraging the wrong thing. People should love their bodies but please stop being self-denial and saying things like you look good if you are really the shape of a watermelon. You need to differentiate the word "Fat" and the word "Curvy". Round is Fat. Round is NOT curvy please.

In recent years, there is an influx of campaigns organized to spread the message about loving your body no matter what shape it is. The objective of the campaigns are obviously to reduce self-criticism that usually end up making young ladies anorexic, which is unhealthy and may sometimes lead to a malnourished body or death. This is due to media influence, which often presents an unrealistic expectation of slimness. This has become a highlighted social issue that the same magazines that airbrushed their cover models to perfection and often featuring editorials on celebrity diet tips, are countering this effect by organizing such body-loving campaigns. Irony, but that’s for another article. What I would really like to ask, are these campaigns bringing the correct message across?

It does seem like the public is mistaken. Severely overweight people are using it as an excuse instead of exercising to a healthy weight. These campaigns often interview overweight or larger stars who are proud of their body. Tyra and Beyoncé are popular singers large in size but with proportionate and firm figures. They might not be size 0 like the usual Hollywood celebrities but their bodies are still beautiful and healthy. These are curvy women, not fat. They are probably large-boned/fuller figure, thus, suitable celebrity figures to interview for such campaigns because there are indeed many healthy girls out there who are naturally not petite size no matter how little they eat and many people call them Fat just because they are bigger size than the usual tiny fragile girls that ahbengs love.

However, some magazines love to go to some 'obviously unhealthily overweight' celebrities for quotes and they might have been the people responsible for misleading the general public. Some of these celebrities are clearly obese, but continue to advocate that being fat is okay. As popular celebrities, I felt that this was being irresponsible to the wellbeing of their fans.

I am not the only one who shares these views. I stumbled into a fashion forum that was also discussing about these issues. Apparently, these campaigns have helped anorexic girls to love their body better, but it does also have a wrong effect on those unhealthily overweight. I think that these campaigns should evaluate their methods and make sure these young ladies do not blur the lines between “not hating your body” and “doing nothing about an unhealthy size and lifestyle under the excuse that being curvy is more attractive than being skinny.”

Also, another thing. Personally I think that being a little over the average weight IS NOT BEING FAT. Some girls have really normal body but keep saying fat fat fat -.- For example, although I am not skinny and I do have some fats on my arms, thighs and face, I wouldn't call myself fat because I think I'm actually quite average size and quite happy with it. Being slightly chubbier is not perfect but it is also NOT FAT. You might be stumpy or have elephant legs or a big butt or a little tummy or flabby arms, but that is NOT FAT. It's not model-perfect, but you do not have to be that to be beautiful. You are the people who should be encouraged to love your body!

*Disclaimer: Before you misunderstand my message, I'm talking about obese people who deliberately stay fat/are lazy to have healthier diets AND still use those excuses. If you are overweight and aware of it and happy with it and not intending to do anything about it BUT not being self-denial and not using those excuses, then I have nothing to say. Actually, I'd like you if you honestly say "Yes I know I'm fat but I can't be bothered" than if you had said "I'm staying fat because a watermelon looks better than a bamboo and I'm loving my body". *rolls eyes* STOP THE SELF-DENIAL CAN. Nobody asked you to be a bamboo -.- Besides watermelon and bamboo, there is also Papaya in between okay.

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