Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nuffnang Trip, Final part!

The coach drove us back to the hotel to rest and change after doing the touristy stuff!

Look at this lovely glass frame that they made for our photo!

Changed to this and off we go :) Even had time to sleep awhile and watch TV before we leave. After sleeping, my hair was a mess so I tied it up!

Picture with Brad, the winner of Best Food Blog!

& Priscilla...

And here we are at KL Pavillion! They are distributing coins to us! Wah so good?

For us to make a wish at the fountain! I will let you all know whether it is true if it comes true ok!

Mum was super amused at the bear art exhibition...

We then went to G-tower rooftop bar for drinks. Beautiful view!

Look at the two behind. Photobomb win!

This Nadia drank 10 glasses within a super short span of time @_@

With Jayne from Nuffnang!

With Lydia and Huiwen~

The next morning, it's time for buffet breakfast again! Wasn't feel too well again so I had some soupy things. The noodle in chicken soup is really nice.

Mum's food.

After breakfast we went to the garden at the back of the hotel. And after so many days of unstable wifi at the lobby, we realise that the wifi was super strong at this side of the hotel.... Should have went there earlier!

With Juvone, my secondary school friend who is working at Ripplewerkz. We used to be like best friends, even calling ourselves "Ai & Vone" lol!

On the way back home, the coach stopped at a shop in Yong Peng for us to buy some local products.

And we had tea egg and cup corn!!! Yums!

That's the end of the Nuffnang trip! I'm so looking for the next Napbas 2 years later!!!!!

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