Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year of letdowns

Tomorrow is a new year, 2012!

I'm kinda sad that it is happening so fast because I want to start 2012 afresh but up till now, up till the last day of 2011, most of my issues have not been settled zzzzz.

I see many other bloggers writing up great 2011 round-up posts but I don't really have much to thank for year 2011 though. The recent couple of years had been quite sucky and I can't wait to get out of it.

So in 2012, my resolution is to find the courage to weed out everything that is making me unhappy. I've been waiting for things to change and perhaps it's time for me to go out there and grab it myself instead of waiting around for nothing.

I was a very selfish person in 2009 and the years before. And I SEEMED TO BE HAPPIER AND I HAD ALMOST EVERYTHING I WANTED.

Then I tried to be a better person in 2010 and 2011, and guess what, everything went downhill. I really don't know leh. Shouldn't goodness be rewarded with goodness? Why is it when I'm bad, I get lucky and when I'm good, things go bad? But, I think I will still try to build up more good karma lah, because up till now, I feel super guilty for the selfish things I did back then.

Things I wish for in 2012:

1. HEALTH & SAFETY- It's the most important!!! All the stuff below won't matter if you don't have the health to enjoy it! I wish that I don't fall sick so easily anymore. And I wish everyone I love around me to be healthy and safe too ^^

2. WEALTH - I used to think that it doesn't matter, but after this shitty year when I was broke every single month, I think that money is very very very important. With money, a lot of unnecessary problems could be easily solved. So yep, number 2 on my list is Wealth. More advertorials please. Haha.

3. LOVE - I hope that it goes well. I hope that my partner will have the same values in love as I do. I believe in giving all and going all out for love. I believe in love overcoming all. I want love to be at the top of his list, just like how it is on mine. I believe in sweetness going beyond the honeymoon stage. I want to be cared for, I want to be doted on, just like how I'd do sweet things for him too. I believe in cultivating trust, stability, RESPECT and the willingness to do anything for the relationship. I believe in considering for your partner for every decision you make in life. I believe in sharing two lives as one.

4. CAREER - I hope my blogging career will go up once again and I hope to have more opportunities. I hope to travel and explore the outside world more. I hope my real job will also be one that I feel happy in, one that I wake up looking forward to every morning. Better still, I hope that I can blog full time.

5. BEAUTY - I want to become prettier! I want to do invisalign, I want my nose to become smaller, I want my skin to stay fair and become more radiant, moisturized and clear. And I hope I lose my flabby fats. And I hope my face become less chubby and less fat! And I hope I stop losing hair!!!!!

6. FRIENDSHIPS - I hope that I do not quarrel with any friends this year because it's very bitter and it affects me a lot. I hope all misunderstandings can be cleared easily, I hope I meet no backstabbers. I hope to maintain the friends that I have now :) I hope that I can re-meet those friends I love but drifted apart from.

If I did not miss anything, all these will add up to, HAPPINESS.

Oh, and one of the things I really miss is my previous hair color. WHY DID I GO AND DYE RED AH????? Wayne, my hairstylist at Bugis Essensuals did a lot of work to get my hair up to this perfect color and I went to ruin it by changing to Red. WHAT WAS I THINKINGGGGG. I do like red hair but whenever I look at my old pictures, I strongly miss that old shade~~

(Top and bottom from, as featured on #napbas outfit post)

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