Sunday, December 11, 2011


When I received the invite for this Korean restaurant Bibigo, my first thought was "Ok I had wanted to try their food since a long time back!" My company has liaised with Bibigo before for one of our concerts, and I remember at backstage I was like "wow~~" over Bibigo's super nice packaging and presentation. Bibigo is owned by CJ Food, which is part of the CJ Group, a very big company in Korea. The group branches out to other businesses such as entertainment as well.

Brought Fidelis along to Raffles City, where their restaurant is located at!

If you are hungry or haven't had your meals, I suggest you stop reading from here onwards before I'm just gonna make you hungrier!

I'm not sure what this rice is, but it is very yummy!

This is some nutty drink but my tastebuds didn't really agree with it. Looks pretty though Haha

That dish above is yummy... but me and Fidelis both think that the star dish for that day was this meat dish below! Jae Hoon from Bibigo kindly showed us how we were supposed to eat this. Take a leaf from the roll (which is very expensive type of leaf, according to him), take a piece of the marinated spicy veg, and place a piece of meat into the combination and bite together. It's HEAVENLY. The meat did not have the type of smell whenever pork is steamed/boiled... It's very yummy! Me and Fidelis, TWO girls, finished the plate. Lol.

Main course!

This is beef bowl, which I can't eat.

So I changed to chicken! We had to add our choice of sauces from the variety available, and we asked the staff which is the best sauce to use for this dish, and these 3 are!

Fidelis, Nadia and Jacelyn have been exercising a lot and it has been making me guilty about how I binge on food and not exercise at all! Every time I meet them they seem to be growing slimmer and slimmer while I've been growing fatter and fatter!! Guess I have to stop being so greedy and order so many food for meals... Sometimes I eat two main course for one meal; don't know why I so tam-jiak!

After the event, I head over to my grandparents house because it is my cousin's bday!

I didn't have any pictures of the birthday boy but I did have pictures of his cute baby sister hehe.

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