Friday, December 23, 2011

Outfits for NAPBAS trip

Entries for NAPBAS (Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards) are rapidly popping up in all the other blogs and now I'm kinda pressured to quickly churn out an entry for it too. Usually I'd be one of the first few to blog about events, so it came as a surprise that everyone else is so fast, some even wrote the entry by the next day we came back to SG! Guess everyone had a good time there ^^ However, I really want to write a detailed entry about my 3D2N at Malaysia, so give me a little while more, I'd try to process the pictures by this weekend okay?

For now, let me blog about the outfits I wore throughout the trip!

Although it was just a 3D2N trip, we had more than one outfit per day because of the different activities taking place. I brought a total of 5 sets of outfit + 1 set of sleeping wear. Mum brought 6 sets (1 for spare) + her sleeping wear. In addition to toiletries, chargers and other travel necessities, our combined luggage was still smaller than most of the other luggages brought by SINGLE bloggers. I think we have awesome packing skills. Haha.

For the journey there, I wore this lovely top from It kept me comfy throughout the long coach ride. I was actually comtemplating to tuck it into my high waist shorts, but finally decided to hold it with a brown weave belt instead.

I did not have any solo picture for the Awards dinner, so here is one with Alexa! I love that piece of black outfit on her. She always look good in her clothes! Check out her fashion blog at

On me, I'm just wearing a very simple black long dress. Heck, cancel the word long, it's nothing compared to the other ladies with their ground sweeping gorgeous gowns!! I decided to come in an understated black dress because I guess it's quite appropriate since I'm not even one of the finalists. Totally regretted my choice because everyone else were so nicely dressed up!!!!! The only detail to this dress is that there is a slit at the middle front.

For the after-party at zouk, I wore this short black dress that I got from Bugis Street. I don't think I'd be wearing it again because it is so short! I don't have pictures but the back is criss-cross with abit of bareback. The pair of heels is from Giovanna at Century Square. I got it just 2 days before the trip because the pair that I originally intended to wear was spoilt due to being neglected in the shoe rack. This pair is only $15!!!!! Its a size smaller than what I usually wear, but it's quite comfy for afew hours due to the thick heel and platform. After that the strap thing kinda bit my baby toe.

Accessories! I got those black gelish nails done at my beloved nail sponsor Millys :)

The ring is from a shop at Bugis Street, near Wo Ai Tai Mei. I think it's the only shop there that sells pretty rings at 3 for $5. Most of the other shops sell these rings at $12-$15 per piece, which is kinda ridiculous, because no matter what the price is, the quality is about the same. The ornaments are glued on and easily detached if careless.

H bracelet is also 3 for $5 haha. I got it in brown, black and white.
Studded thin black bracelet is from Missqueenie.
The thick one is from one of the push carts at Bugis Street. $2 only!

The next day, the first half of our itinerary was touristy stuff, so I wore this floral dress underneath a lovely outerwear from Missqueenie.

We went back to the hotel afterwards to recharge and also change for dinner and drinks at G-tower! I love this plain dress, also from Missqueenie. It's plain infront, but the back is pretty! Check out the back here - Click.

For the last day, it's just breakfast and journey back to Singapore so almost everyone didn't have make up on. Me too. Haha. Wore a comfy top and shorts from Missqueenie.

Not forgetting to pack a set of my lovely eyelashes from! Speaking of which, I just received another 4 boxes of lashes from them. Look out for the photos soon!

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