Thursday, December 15, 2011

Battle Box


I don't think I've ever been to Battle box. Recently I was given an assignment to write a travel feature of Battle Box, so I thought perhaps I should take extra pictures to blog too! I haven't written the travel piece yet.. It will be easier to blog first... so here we go~

Battle Box is located at Fort Canning Park and it is within walking distance from Dhoby Ghaut MRT. After walking halfway, me and my mum regretted not taking the cab from the mrt station. We sat down on a bench for a while, and then decided to walk up a huge flight of stairs and try to find the place again. There it was! Not very far actually.

Welcomed by soldier who instructed us to turn right!

At the briefing session, we were told to wear these headsets to listen to the guide. Besides the headset, there was also a real guide who led us through the different rooms and explained each room to us.

First, we were led to look at the telecommunications/ control room of the soldiers in old times, inside this dungeon.

Almost every room are just soldier statues pretending to do what they were supposed to do. Actually, it is abit boring unless you are really interested in history.

The soldier wax-figure in this corridor is not well maintained. Look at the face!

This room was replicated exactly according to a rare photograph. Amazing!

There is air-con in the underground tunnels now, but in the past during war times it was stuffy and hot inside. This is one of the 3 air ventilation equipment that was used at that time to filter the air inside.

One of the dead end. It was a secret escape for the soldiers via the ladder.

This was the meeting room where the British decided to surrender Singapore to the Japanese. The scene was re-enacted out in this room.

Several photos and articles about the war and the soldiers. Quite boring leh the whole tour, most of the things inside I read about it in history textbooks already. I guess I'm just not into military. I'd love to visit the ancient china palaces!~ Haha.

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