Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Napbas Trip - Day 1

Nuffnang KL Trip Day 1

I was sick for the entire week before the short trip to Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards. So afraid that I could not recover in time!

My mum came along with me on this trip :) Meeting time was early in the morning so most of the bloggers didn't have make up on. I was hardworking! I forced the contact lens into my tired strained eyes. Lol.

Two coaches from Singapore embarked on the journey to Malaysia. Exciting!!

Pictures below:
1. Stopped for lunch at Yong Peng. Tried the crispy thin blueberry waffle!
2. Group picture upon reaching Marriot Hotel at Putrajaya with Clara, Silver, Nadia & Fidelis while waiting for our rooms!
3. Checked into the spacious hotel room and super love the huge bed and also the balcony!

Outfit picture before I go for a quick bath!

Only a couple of hours before the awards ceremony. After the quick bath, I rested a bit and then panicked and quickly dressed up when I called the other rooms and realized that the rest were already putting on their finishing touches! Compared to the awards 2 years ago, this time it was more grand and people were dressed more glam!

A picture with Elise, one of my favorite Nuffie!

Me with the other girls ^^ Absolutely love Nadia's sexy blue outfit and Fidelis' bling bling gown!

A nice picture of Elise, me, Valerie and the girls from Jipaban!

Me & Randy

A picture with Mum and Sophie! Besides being one of the prettier Singaporean bloggers, I also love reading her blog because it's quite engaging!

Me, Peggy, Huiwen and Fidelis. Huiwen looked stunning that night! When I showed the pics from this trip, a few people asked me who is that girl in the blue dress haha.

Alexa and me :)

Peggy, Nadia, me and Fidelis.

Another picture before we enter the ballroom!

Sat next to Valerie :) She has became prettier and prettier over the years!

I am glad that most of the "pioneer batch" are still around up to this day :) We are not the first bloggers in Singapore but we were definitely one of the first batches during the early stages of Nuffnang. It was Nuffnang which brought us closer together through community events... From a small group of bloggers, we have grown to a huge group. Although I've met plenty of new bloggers now, I still feel more affection and special feelings to all those bloggers I met during my first few years of blogging... It's just that little something that is difficult to describe.

Great food and interesting performances! Am sure everyone had fun.
Missed the sorbet because I was out of the ballroom for awhile :(

Congratulations to the winners:
Best Parenting Blog - http://childhood101.com
Best Geek Blog - http://ipinoylike.com
Best Photography Blog - http://photoblog.hk
Best Food Blog- http://ladyironchef.com
Best Fashion Blog - http://cheeserland.com
Best Lifestyle Blog - http://jenniepperson.com
Most Original Blog Design - http://eatshowandtell.com
Best Travel Blog - http://justwandering.org
Best Entertainment Blog - http://beautifulnara.com
Best Micro-Blog - http://twitter.com/kennysia
Most Influential Blog and Region's Best Blog http://xiaxue.blogspot.com

Congrats to the Singaporean bloggers. Jiayou!! This year, there were seven countries that got together for this awards, so the competition was intense!! I believe that as Nuffnang expand, the next awards would be even more tough! I also experienced lots of cheering and deep love within the blogging community at the awards, so the atmosphere was definitely a wonderful one.

Anyway, pictures after the awards ceremony with Ben! Blurry though!

Sharper picture with Ben & Randy :)

On the way back, I spotted Camille and requested for a picture with her!!!! I just followed her fashion blog this year and I love her style so much. Finally I experienced how it feels when my readers request for photos with me haha. Was too shy to really talk to her though... Love her "swan" dress!

Back to the hotel room to change for the after-party at Zouk KL!!!

Kinda love this outfit ^^

The music was great and we all had lots of fun!

Daddy not around so Mummy can havoc!!! :p

Nadia & Clara! I met Clara on this trip and she's a really fun-loving and likable girl... Very pretty in real life and her pictures don't need any editing at all! Envious max!

David and Nadia, the newly engaged couple ^^

My camera couldn't focus well in the dark, so me and Clara smiled for the camera several times before we managed to get these two pictures!

Lok-lok! My first time trying it after hearing so much love for it from other pals.

RM6 for 6 sticks. Super cheap leh!!

I'm starting to forget alot of details already. Think I'm too tired... shall go sleep now! Will continue with Part 2 another day :)

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