Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trying styles that are not my style

Trying styles that are not my style

I like to try different looks. My favorite is the sweet girly look, but sometimes I like looking boho, rock or vintage too. One of the looks that I think is the most unsuitable for me is the mature style. I feel very uncomfortable in long knee length skirt and formal blouses.

However, on some occasions I will still try on something new.

#1 Fur cardigan with gold chain linings from Missqueenie. I paired it with Theblogshop tube lace dress and a weave brown belt

#2 This beige woven dress (theblogshop) looks very matured on me, so I paired with some girly accessories to make it less woody!

#3 Long black dress from theblogshop.

#4 "tattered & torn" top (theblogshop) with mustard shorts from Missqueenie, paired with my own accessories.

#5 Swallow cardigan (theblogshop).

And I realise that I have a number of old outfit pictures that I have not posted (or maybe I posted before but forgot)...

#6 I wore this lace tank over a dark blue maxi for a new look.

#7 Outfit and cluth from TheBlogShop. Would love this look alot if not for the gap above the skirt.

#8 Back to casuals!

#9 The outerpiece is from Missqueenie. Love those heels but they are kinda difficult to walk around with.

#10 I seldom wear this type of outfit but I reallylove how it looks on me! The top is from Mamatiam. (I somehow think that I have blogged about this outfit before... have I?)

#11.. And finally, this lovely mustard dress from Giselle's Closet. I love this look... it's quite me! Wore it out with Fidelis the other day and forgot to blog about it!

Did I blog about any of the outfit before ah? Let me know if you remember!

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