Thursday, December 29, 2011


So happy that 步步惊心 is going to be showing on Channel 8 prime time soon! I managed to follow the show when my mum was watching it and I think the show is good! It was a hit in China and I think people here will love it too. It's quite slow-paced, unlike the usual fast paced Hong Kong drama that I prefer (for example, Curse of the Royal Harem), but I think that the slow pacing was suitable and essential in transmitting the right feel for this story.

The story plot is about a 21st century lady who accidentally time travels back to the Qing Dynasty. With the knowledge of text book history she acquired back in her actual timezone and through attempts to modify history to avoid tragedies, she ends up being the instigator for most of the significant historical stories.

Love the OST too...

Think I watch too much palace shows already. I'm addicted!!!

Anyway, I watched the movie 'Hong Kong Ghost Stories (猛鬼故事)' around a month back. This movie have a lot of detractors due to the lousy props, fakeness, etc. But I think the storyline is good! There are two parts to the movie and both stories had a twist in the end. Me likey! I love storylines that are not straightforward ^^ Go watch it when it's out on dvd ok! Don't expect 'horror' though~~

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